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2013 BMW M135i Coupe

November - 5 - 2013

2013 BMW M135i Coupe is the latest product of BMW and, as far as we have seen, it has plenty of impressive characteristics. For the very beginning, its power is 235kW/450Nm and its fuel use reaches 7.5 l/100km (auto), whereas statistics find this model as one of the most affordable. There are some features related to the interior that deserve being mentioned. For example, its front seats that are bolstered and the blue touches from the dashboard, as well as the aluminum texture. As far as the seats are concerned, they are provided with lateral support and you can easily adjust them according to your preferences.

If you are interested in how easily you will manage to drive a 2013 BMW M135i Coupe, we are happy to announce you that you will manage to find a great position while driving this car. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to change the position of the steering wheel for as many times as you want and thus you can bring it closer to you until you find it perfect!

Regarding M135i, we have to say that it is famous for the use of leather on the chairs and on the steering wheel. Fortunately, there are great points to add into discussion when it comes to the spaciousness of this car. Even Audi A3 is one of their competitors when it comes to this aspect. The display is 6.5 inch color and the car also has an AM/FM radio and a CD player included. The cruise control and the dual-zone climate control, as well as the trip computer and the bi-xenon headlamps are part of the 2013 BMW M135i Coupe.

If you are curios to find out how this car looks while being driven somewhere on the highway, feel free to find out that it is said that this car will reach 100km/h from standstill in only 4.9 seconds, which is an impressive score! Apart from the drivetrain and the powertrain that will definitely leave you breathless after making some research about it, get ready to find out that it has a RWD layout on its back side! There are numerous reasons for which you should consider buying this car and if you feel like you are already convinced about having it, do not hesitate in making your wish come true! It is not very expensive and its features prove you that you cannot make a wrong choice!

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