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6 Ways to Customize Your Kubota

January - 6 - 2015

Kubotas are the bulldogs of the RTV world. They’re tough, durable and designed to make a statement, so if you’re still driving the same un-modded version that came straight from the factory, you’re missing out on prime opportunities for personalization. But have no fear: Here are just six ways to customize your Kubota and turn heads on every trail.

1. Lights

LED lights are the quintessential way to customize your RTV. Bold white lights can turn your vehicle into a monster truck; colored light bars can give it sleekness or personal funk. You can also install mood lighting in the interior cab for romantic romps across the wilderness.

2. Roofs

Roofs can provide more than just protection from the elements. You can also trick them out with straps, handles and other accessories that make it easier to install sound systems or exterior lighting, and that’s even not mentioning all the colors and patterns that you can put on it.

3. Seats

Don’t suffer the hard, standard-issue seats that come in so many RTVs. Replace those rock-like contraptions with something built for comfort and style, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time on the road. You’ll appreciate stuffed bucket seats when you’re six hours into an all-day trek across the hills of the countryside.

4. Windshields

Many RTV owners don’t even think about customizing their windshield, but there’s plenty you can do to jazz it up. Decals, for example, can proudly declare your loyalties to the world, and lights can make the sight of your windshield one of terror. You can even change up its material-carbon blends to make it more weather-resistant.

5. Work Equipment

What if you’re looking for something that’s less stylish and more utilitarian? Kubotas make great work vehicles, so don’t be afraid to add a snow plow or heavy-duty skid plate to its exterior. These simple additions can make a huge difference in your work output long-term.

6. Wheels

Last but certainly not least, there’s plenty you can do with your wheels for both style and efficiency purposes. Just make sure you’re buying street-legal tires that have been approved by the Department of Transportation!

These are just a few ways to send a message with your Kubota. If you want even more inspiration, click here for accessories, add-ons and other mods that can turn your RTV into an extension of yourself.

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