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Since transponder keys have entered the automobile market nearly two decades ago, many changes and technological advances took over this field. At first, they were designed and created with one goal in mind: to improve car security by preventing theft. Transponder keys communicate with the car through a computer chip that transmits radio signals to the car’s system, which doesn’t allow the engine to start if the right transmit – respond signal isn’t registered, therefore thieves can not steal the car that easily. The car keys market has been dominated by car dealers for a very long time, which also set very high prices for duplicate keys and replacements, which made the losing of one’s car keys not only frustrating, but a very expensive experience as well. However, technology advancements have made it possible for key shops and auto locksmiths, such as, to program blank transponder keys as to match the code of your car, therefore they entered the market as well.

Auto locksmith services that provide transponder key programming and reprogramming usually offer much better prices than car dealers, which is why these companies are a wiser choice in the unfortunate situation that you lose or break your car key. However, the technology of programming transponder keys has brought along other benefits as well, apart from a more affordable service fro car owners. As mentioned above, security was the main purpose of these keys, but with the progress of science and technology, transponder keys also provide multiple features that enhance the driver’s experience. For instance, the small devices can also facilitate certain processes, such as locking and unlocking of doors, switching on and off the ignition, easy opening of certain doors, roofs or windows, opening and closing the fuel pump cap and so on. Many transponder keys also offer an alarm system, which alerts the car owner of when the car is being touched or when someone tries to enter the car. Usually, the alert consists in continuous beeps. Transponder keys are also a lot harder to forge, as special technology is needed.


This aspect has a bit of a negative twist also, because losing or breaking a transponder key makes it more difficult now to replace when you lose or break them. Nonetheless, as already said, the market expanded greatly in the field and one can now find several professional locksmith services that offer transponder key programming, so all it takes is careful and thorough research to find the best service for you. Technology helps you in that direction as well, because most companies these days, even auto locksmiths, present and promote their services online, so just by searching the web you will be able to find suitable alternatives for your needs. 

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