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June - 26 - 2013

This is turning out to be another thrilling Formula One season. Whether it is tyres, testing or reckless driving, every race seems to create yet another controversy. Here are a few motor racing themed slot games that are bound to entertain you too. They can be extremely fun if you follow cars news and have some knowledge of the world of racing, but it is also thrilling because it gives you the opportunity to win money as well.

With a £50,000 top prize and betting options ranging from a rookie’s 9p through to a race winning £90, this is an online casino slot game with a high adrenaline motor sport theme where you get to call the shots. Spin a bit babe and substitute for any symbol other than a scatter; spin just two rev counters and qualify for free spins while your rev counters are held; spin another rev counter and have another free spin lap; yet another and you can complete a third lap to win the top prize. With all the sounds and sights of more racing in full HD this is a slot worthy of the most avid motorsport fan. Some games even test your general culture about racing and autos, so knowing your cars news might come in very handy; and if we want to stretch the argument a bit, it is also an exercise in memory and quickness of response, so you’re not just wasting time and money by trying your luck.
Speed Demon is an F1 themed slot game with a retro feel although you can find a wide range usually at online casinos. It might seem a little old fashioned by today’s standards, but where it really scores is with its excellent F1 soundtrack; it really does sound authentic. It is a 5 slot 20 pay line game and it has two main features. These are the free spins feature which is triggered when you spin an F1 car on the first and last reels and awards 15 free spins; and the Speed Demon feature where you can win some exciting prizes.
Fast Lane is Nascar/Stock Car racing slot with just three cars on the track. Unlike Speed Demon, Fast Lane is very up to date with all the HD graphics and thrilling sounds that you would expect from a seriously exciting slot. The top feature is the Pit Stop bonus in which you are part of the pit crew and the better you perform at the job the more you are likely to win. This is a great game for the motorsport enthusiast.

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