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Toyota Venza

September - 24 - 2013

For drivers that are seeking the ultimate in versatility, crossover vehicles are second to none. Whether the prospective buyer is in need of a daily-driver or a weekend cruising machine, crossover vehicles are designed to serve either purpose. Here are some of the advantages of opting to drive a crossover vehicle.

Car-like driving dynamics
Unlike most true SUVs, crossover vehicles offer better handling due to their car-like driving dynamics. This is good news for the motorists that yearn for a higher driving position, yet does not desire a truck-like ride.

Better fuel efficiency
Due to the fact that crossover vehicles are generally lighter in weight than SUVs, they are usually able to generate a better overall fuel economy. This is a very important factor for the budget-oriented car owner.

Ability to haul & tow
While it is true that traditional SUVs have a greater towing capacity, crossover vehicles have a tow rating that is appropriate for most tasks. Unlike the typical sedan, crossover vehicles have a very large cargo area that is designed to haul a variety of large items. The rear seats can also fold down to further increase the cargo area.

Crossover vehicles are designed with a uni-body platform, which means that it costs the automaker less money to manufacture the vehicle. The consumer is able to take advantage of this fact by paying substantially less than a similarly equipped SUV. Check out the latest Toyota Venza special offers.

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